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Hello, I’m Edith! I live in the warmth of Southern California with my two young sons and husband (of 15 years) who are goofy and fill my life with entertainment. 

You could say I'm crazy or "nuts" for sewing, fabric and candy! I've been sewing since I was little and love it more every day. This is the place I've come to get my ideas out, share what I know, and to relieve those around me I love (ie: my husband) from hearing me talk non stop about creating.

Edeenut Creates is my personal blog focusing on practical sewing and day-to-day clothing styles for a simple mom mixed with a little home life, and daily experiences. Stick around to see how I'm striving to live a fulfilling life looking for beauty & strength amongst my weakening muscles caused by LG Muscular Dystrophy. Seeking to be creative and happy in my every day life, I like to include items, products, and tips on how I make life easier to live with a physical disability.
Posts written and edited by me.   

**I enjoy sharing my creations with you but please remember that all contents of this site are property of Edeenut Creates including, photos, tutorials, and text. Please feel free to link back to my blog but for anything beyond that please contact me first for permission to use any content from this site.