To-Do List

Here you will find a few of my projects on my to-do list this year.
I'm sure as time goes on I will be adding to this list. Of course this list
doesn't include all the other projects I have saved or bookmarked
or jotted down on paper on my desk.

Duvet cover for my bed.

Twin size wonky log cabin quilt for Baby E.
I picked these sheets up at Target a long time ago for the centers.
I have all the coordinating fabrics for the outer logs. Just need to
make the design and make time to get started.

World map project for Big E's room.
This has been in the works for a few months now.
Will most likely not finish it until March.

A spin on the abacus block.
I would like to make a simple quilt using this method.

A black skirt for me.
I need to replace the one i have. Not sure of the style I want.
And not sure if I'll do long or shorter, maybe both...
My husband made me go and buy one he was sick of me wearing the same old one all the time... 
Yeah, saves me time.

Another string block pillow to match the first.

A duct tape dress form to fit my body exactly. I have a few clothing 
items I want to sew for myself and this form will make it so easy.
All completed. I love it!! It works perfect when I make tops and skirts, not so well with pants, haahaa because of the stand that runs right up the middle. Check out my finished product HERE.