Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fourth of July flag craft for kids to paint

With it fast approaching the end of June, the Fourth of July will be here before you know it.
I rarely do decorating in advance and crafts with kids are basically unheard of around these parts. But I saw a brief craft that looked easy and perfect for my youngest to do on his own, with just a bit of prep work from me.

Holiday decorations have become less important for me to stock up on and keep. Over the years, and maybe after moving, I realized why store these holiday boxes with decorations in that are only used once a year? You pull them out for a month and put them on a table to collect dust and then put them back in the box to store for another year. With the exception of Christmas, I have maybe one decoration that I keep for the big holidays. Now with Christmas, I have drastically reduced the amount of decorations I put up. I have gotten rid of a lot of what I used to have, but I LOVE Christmas! I still do have a few boxes of Christmas decorations and I pull it all out and enjoy December like it's the best time of the year that it is!

For the other holidays, I've decided how easy it is to just decorate simple and inexpensively, if at all, and then when the holiday is over, it's just perfectly fine to toss the stuff instead of storing it in a box.

A small craft with my children is the best way to satisfy this way of thinking. Next year we will use the same mentality, simple and toss, with nothing to store. Maybe some think this is wasteful, but when it's time spent with kids, and a simple craft, it's perfect for us who like to be a minimalist.

So shall we? Get out your tape and paint and to get in the Patriotic mood! With you imagination you can do this for any holiday as you are free to change up the taped image to paint over.

Items needed:
-Kraft Paper Roll (or any art paper you have on hand!) 
-Washi Tape (or painters tape)
-Craft paint and brushes
(I really just used what we had on hand, the blue was finger paint, and the white and red were from my craft stash.)

1- To begin, I prepared the craft paper for any over painting, by taping scrap paper to the back that would catch any paint along the edges, keeping it off the table.

For the image on the front, I used a roll of Japanese Washi tape. This is a decorative masking type of tape. It easily peels off without adhering to the paper and ripping it and it is thin. If you have painters tape. I would also recommend that. It's thicker so you may need a larger paper to fit your disign on though. I'm not sure if regular masking tape would peel off as smooth, but it's worth a shot if that's all you have on hand!

2- Use your imagination and tape the USA and STAR with tape. I use small pieces at a time, if needed. Ripping them to small lengths that would fit around each corner and point. Use your fingernail to rub the tape down securely, you do not want paint to seep under the edges. I just eyeballed this and you can tell that it is far from perfect, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

3- Divide the paper in three sections. I used a pencil to draw a line for my son to use as a guide.
Start by painting the middle section. This way the middle section will dry first. After it dries, you can then paint the other two sections above and below the center. You will only have to wait for one drying time this way, instead of two.

4- After the entire paper is dried, slowly peel the tape off. Go slow on this step to avoid ripping the paper. It's okay if the corners curl up when dry. To display our painting, I put rolled tape on the back corners and stuck it to an existing framed art we had on our entry table.

This was such a quick project, my son did it while I made dinner. When he was waiting for the paint to dry, he helped me with dinner. If the craft took any longer, I don't think that he or I would have ever had the patience to finish it!

The cute pom poms are from my friend Sarah at Apricot Polkadot. I hot glued them to skinny dowels and stuck them in the vase with white beans.
and the red white and blue paper garlands on the mirror are available in my shop.
My shop is on vacation for a week and will reopen June 29th.


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