Tuesday, May 16, 2017

me made may 2017

This month is Me Made May hosted by Zoe of "So Zo What do you know blog"
On Instagram you can follow along with many who have pledged to wear and show their creations with you using the hashtag  #MMMAY17

I committed to wear at least two handmade articles of clothing each week, plus each week I would sew up a new item with the fabric and patterns I have had ready for quite some time.

Sounds do-able right? Well April 29th, I sprained my ankle. So the clothing item construction have had to be put on hold with my bum right foot. I really have lots of items I need to sew up and can't wait until I can get to them. Maybe I'll have a Me Made June :)

Here is my attire for most of the first week of May. Isn't it lovely? I did make these pj pants. I altered them from a pair of store bought ones my son stopped wearing. Read about the basic idea of how I altered them Here.

 My sprain was Pretty bad, the Orthopedic Surgeon called it a grade 3, with a full ligament tear. I was immobile for the entire first week with a huge swollen ankle and the bruising spread all over to the foot and ankle by the end of the first week and beginning of the second week. The second week of May the swelling was subsiding and the bruising looked worse and darker. I was told it would look worse before it got better, and that's for sure. I had to sew an order for my shop that first week that was on a deadline and I sewed it with my left foot! That is harder than it sounds.

Now I'm in the third week and I'm actually driving a little bit. I only go pick up my child from school a few blocks away right now. The range of motion on my foot is still limited but it is getting less and less stiff and I'm able to bear weight on it longer by walking and standing. I still need to elevate it several times a day to re-leave some of the pressure and keep the inflammation down. It's been in a brace and stabilized and I'm feeling better every day. I don't need to take pain medication every night anymore but some nights I wake up feeling the pain. It'll still be a long time before I get it back to my normal function but I'm hopeful that in several months I will have all the activity I once had in it back. Because of my muscle disease, I felt hopeless and very saddened that I would loose some muscle and not regain my full activity level with this injury. It is depressing, but I am seeing light at the end tunnel.

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