Wednesday, May 17, 2017

altered mens pajama pants to fit women

My teenage son is picky when it comes to his clothes. There was a pair of pajama pants I bought him for Christmas and he stopped wearing them so he gave them to me. I have gotten quite a few clothes from him and I love it!
I enjoyed wearing them for a few weeks. I thought I would like the side pockets, but ended up not liking the extra fabric bunch. Also, the rise was too tall for my liking and I ended up rolling the waist band once. One thing I did love about them was the wide legs and the thin cotton fabric.

After a month or so, I decided to make them fit me better. Just a couple simple sewing alterations made them easier to wear and enjoy. These are not pants I'm going to be wearing out of the house, and so I don't care what they look like so much.

First, I cut along the waistband right under the elastic to remove it. This left a raw top edge.

I then cut out the pockets and sewed the openings shut. This made a nice smooth fit on the sides, with less bulk. I never used the pockets anyway.
Next, I sewed shut the open front fly.

Finally, I used some 2" elastic I had on hand to redo the waistband. There was not enough fabric to make an entire new casing so I sewed the top edge of the elastic to the top of the RIGHT side of the pants. Then flipping the elastic to the inside (WRONG side) of the pants allowing the top seem to be hidden. I then secured the elastic bottom to the pants, stretching it to fit as I sewed.

The bleach stain on the side adds nicely to the stay at home look of the pants, don't you think?
Plus the fancy black ankle brace is just the perfect accessory to complete the look. Going on three weeks from this incident.

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