Wednesday, August 17, 2016

style report: summer swimwear for the Colorado River

Every summer we look forward to our week at the Colorado River. After attending an early church meeting on Sunday, we come home pack up our car and headed out on our drive to the Colorado River. We head to the Arizona town of Parker and spend a week just north on the banks of the river camping, in camper trailers, with AC because it's ridiculously hot. The week we were there, temps ranged from 111-115. The water was 80 and just perfect! This is a fun time spent with family and cousins for my kids to play with. We live in our swimming suits all day long. At night we shower, put on pajamas and sleep nice and clean. The next day we wake up put on swimming suits and live in them until bed time. It's the best!

My son wake boarding.
I will spare you a shot of me in my swimming suits every day because, well, I'm not a swim suit model. I don't have fancy stylish swimming suits to show off either. I will tell you that my favorite swimming suits are from Hapari. I love the bandeau style. I own a couple, in fact I just purchased this one, and it's on sale if you hurry. These are comfortable and have the right amount of support. I don't feel like I am showing off anything and I feel pretty modest in these tops when bending or twisting. Well, as modest as you can feel in a swimming suit, ha!

My favorite thing to wear when at the River is my Isis Riviera, nylon wrap skirt. It is made of a nylon fabric and dries super quick. Quicker than anything else I've ever worn in the water. I don't swim in this skirt, or wouldn't ski or wake board in it, but sometimes I keep it on for a little dip in the water to cool off. I wear it when in the boat, or riding a Sea Doo. My bare legs and upper thighs don't stick to the seats or burn with it on because the seats have been in the sun all day.
The skirt is perfect to wrap around and slip on quickly. It closes with velcro on each side and stays secure sitting low on the waist. There are side pockets, one with a velcro closure. I wear mine all day over my swimming suit with a tank and love the coverage it gives when I'm in my suit all day long at the River. It's much more practical to me than wearing a little swimming suit dress coverup.
I've had my skirt for so long, about 3 years, that the design on the front is starting to wear away. It doesn't really matter to me though. The skirt is no longer available in retail stores but you may be able to find one on ebay. I'm on the look for another one because I love mine so much. Mine is a size small and hard to find anywhere.
Here is a great review I came across of the same skirt.

Tank- Under Armour
Skirt- Isis Riviera
Hat- Target
Shoes- Rainbow 

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