Tuesday, August 30, 2016

style report: striped raglan t-shirt with camo sleeves

Sewing your own t-shirt is the fastest thing ever. I realized that I have a ton of knit fabric. I need to use it. I also like new shirts. So I'm using the knit fabric to sew up more shirts for me.

I'm going to try out new options using my Favorite Raglan Shirt Pattern. The most recent shirt off the sewing table is made with black and white knit fabric I ordered from Girl Charlee and the camo is from Jo-Ann, yeeeeears ago!
The striped fabric is not thin at all so I don't need to wear a tank under it for fear of it being see through. Wearing one less layer is the best!


My husband so lovingly called it my Zoo shirt... I guess I love zoo animals. He did seem impressed that I was able to made a shirt and it looks decent enough to wear out of the house. He was kind of amazed that people do that sort of thing, you know, sew. I guess after being married to him for over 15 years, me sewing hasn't made that big of an impact on him.
He must have forgotten our couch I recovered (that we are still sitting on today!), or maybe he thought I bought the baby quilt he gave his coworker. He married a seamstress so it's funny to me, some days he acts like he just discovered I can sew.

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