Friday, August 26, 2016

style report: back to school for me, the mom, a raglan t-shirt make.

Every year I take photos of the kids first day back to school. It's a fun memory to look back on as the years go by so fast. I like to scroll all the way through my family Instagram account often, looking at all the memories from years ago. I love seeing how I've documented my kids from such a young age, like their first day of kindergarten. I also print off chat books, and my kids love looking at the photos from years ago! (not sponsored, just really love chat books)

This year I thought I would add a picture of my attire the first day of school. Ha! Seeing how last year I really struggled with that. I would roll out of bed, pull on a skirt or shorts and drive them to school. Or I wouldn't, and I would keep on my pj pants... See Here for why I decided to get out of that bad habit.

So the first day of school, early Monday morning, I got dressed in this.

After months of doing my style report, I have realized something. I feel better getting dressed. Yes! That was the main goal, mission accomplished!

But I've noticed something else.
I don't dress up every day. My style is pretty basic: T-shirt and jeans.
I'm good to go with a t-shirt. That's all I really need, a comfortable t-shirt. There are so many options when it comes to t-shirts and I'm good with most of them. I like the plain colored t-shirts. Stripes are good too. I like the t-shirts with certain words, and some sort of image or design. And I like the t-shirts that have some sort of uniqueness to them, like raglan sleeves, and gathered neck. But basically, I'm a cotton knit t-shirt girl.
I'm not too picky when it comes to the image, unless it's crude or inappropriate, or teeny bopper.

I'll pair my t-shirt with shorts or knit skirts mostly in the summer and jeans in the winter. I'm not fancy with my bottoms either, basic denim and I'm happy. I love twill shorts and pants too. No skinny jeans though, I'm not big in to the tight, form fitting jeans. And basic colors are my favorite, I don't own any pink or orange bottoms.

As far as shoes go, I'm all for flats. I can't wear hills really of any sort, because of balance issues, so I try to settle on cute comfy flats. It's actually a hard thing to find shoes for me...

There you go, that's my style.
I'll keep posting about my style report, because I need to actually keep at the getting out of PJ pants when taking kids to school. I don't want to resort back to my old ways. But I'm pretty sure that my day to day style will continue to follow the pattern of t-shirt, shorts/skirt/jeans, bare feet or flats.

I also love posting about my attempts at clothing altering to make the fit better on me. So there will be more of that still.
This shirt was made from some knit I have had in my closet for years. I don't even remember where I bought it, probably at Hancocks or Joanns.
I used my Favorite Raglan Shirt pattern. This time I added a little white strip between the sleeves to break up the shirt from the sleeves.

For quick trips, like school drop off, without a purse, I have a tiny leather wallet. I purchased it HERE on etsy for my husband who needed a new one. He didn't think it was large enough for him so I kept it.
It fits right in my pocket and my keys fit in my back pocket, or the other way around. I fit three cards inside the wallet, including my drivers license and cash if needed. (not sponsored)

 T-shirt- sewn by me with self drafted pattern
Gap- long and lean jeans cut off and cuffed.
Thin wallet- Free Range and Feral
Shoes- Patgonia
Earrings- Nickel & Suede (I wear size medium)

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