Saturday, August 6, 2016

hemming a knit shirt with a double needle, plus a shop restock

The extra pouches from my Christmas in July sale are now stocked in the etsy shop. Thank you everyone who purchased one or two. It's nice to have a little sale every so often on IG with discounted prices, to show you I appreciate you.

Skirt- Old Navy
Earrings- Nickel and Suede
Zipper pouch- edeenut

I try to be cautious when ordering shirts online, especially when I'm not sure of how a size small will fit. Usually a size small fits me, but the shoulder seam is not where I like it to hit me. I have broader shoulders so I like to order up a size, to make sure the shoulders fit. Then I take in the side seams to get the right fit. With this Hello Apparel shirt I ordered a medium. The medium turned out to be huge. It was so long but the shoulders fit. To make the rest of the shirt fit me, I took in about 1" on each side seam, and then I chopped off about 2" to make it shorter. Using my double needle, I finished up with a nice hem.
This fabric is super soft and I love the floral Hello on front. I ordered another shirt at the same time in a different style for my 14 year old. His is medium and it fits he perfectly with no altering needed.

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