Tuesday, August 9, 2016

fabirc tape, stamps, and twine

The colors orange and aqua are still my for my shop. I am drawn to them and have been for years and don't think I'll ever tire of them.
If you google Teal, Aqua, or Turquoise, you will pretty much get a variety of colors under each name that are the same. It's so tricky. I always thought that turquoise was more green, and teal had more light blue, and aqua was the pretty ocean water color, not the green color, but the beautiful vacation deserted island ocean water.

See HERE for some color and names that will make you more confused.
Anyway, I've chosen to call the color I use Aqua.

I recently ordered a custom rubber stamp from Kawaii Goodies on etsy and use it for my packaging, as well as some fabric washi tape made by Lemonystitch on etsy. I showed you how I make my own fabric tape HERE.

The orange jute twine was a lucky find and I also got some in Aqua too so I use it to tie certain contents together in side the package. I use plenty other labels and fun supplies when packaging your items and no package is ever sent the same.
My goal it to try to keep the outside of the envelope or package pretty plain to avoid them from getting stolen. I want them to arrive to you safely. I've seen plenty of packages that are all decorated and fancy, but I don't make mine too eye catching or bulky. I know the post office machines can snag and rip them open during processing. I've had the bad fortune of that happening to things I've ordered.

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