Tuesday, July 12, 2016

style report: running errands

Today was not a normal day sitting with the kids at home by the pool eating ice cream. Yep, I eat a lot of ice cream :) It was spent running errands and on the go... kids doctors appointments, swimming lessons, kids dropped off at friends, sporting event at night.
This is one of my favorite shirts, lightweight, casual, and dressy all at once. It is a bit sheer so I have to wear a layering shirt under. I matched it today with a purple knit, knee length skirt and a pink and gold statement necklace. To travel light, I had a my matching pink mini pouch for a wallet.
See the truth behind and reason I started my Sunday Style Report here.


  Knit Shirt- Forever21
Skirt- New York and Company
Mini Pouch wallet- edeenut
Necklace- Perry Street, Rocksbox

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