Tuesday, July 5, 2016

style report: alterning wide leg pants to narrow

Going through my closet, I realized I have a lot of pants from years ago, like maybe 5-10 years ago, that I never wear anymore. Back then I loved wide leg pants, they weren't bell bottoms, but more boot cut or wide leg.

A little updating them with the sewing machine, makes them a little more wearable for me today. This pair of tan pants were hardly ever worn. Maybe once every few months. I always rolled them up to capri length but the rolls were so wide and bulky. By taking the inner leg seam in, more than 4", they are now more wearable with a narrow leg opening.

After unpicking the bottom hem about 4" I unrolled it and marked the inner seam where I would sew, tapering down from just above the knee. After stitching the seam, I trimmed off the unwanted allowance and used a zig zag stitch to finish the fabric edge, instead of getting out my serger. To finish, I just rolled the hem back up and stitched it back along the hem line.

These are interesting pants because of the side pockets and ties by the knees and I'm pretty sure I'll get rid of the ties, but now they don't have so much bulk around the hems anymore. These pictures don't really show much of a drastic difference in leg width, but they are much better to wear now.

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