Wednesday, July 13, 2016

recovering vintage couch cushions with white linen

My recent project is re-covering the cushions for a vintage couch and matching side chair. The couch has a retro Mid Century Modern wooden frame with these funky old velvet cushions. The blue velvet was on the seat cushions and a silky tan toile fabric was the back cushions. White linen was chosen as the new covering for the seat and the back cushions. There are eight cushions all together.

New cushions are something I have done so many times and think it's such an easy process. It's not super fast, because of the details and prep work, but it's an easy project.
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These retro cushions are sure a pretty transformation when finished in the white linen. I love how simple changes make such a huge difference. Some day I'll get a shot with the entire couch in the new cushions. Below, there are two missing, but it gives you an idea of how it looked before.

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