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summer break with kids - night time activities addition

In my last post HERE I talked about lots of things that are low key to do during the summer months. I want to focus this post on things to do in the evening or at night during the summer. My husband usually has a smaller work load during the summer so we don't necessarily have to do so many low key activities. He can be the energy for the both of us, so I don't have to take the kids myself to do these things. I mentioned a lot of ideas last post that were good for moms with low energy and not able to go all out every day. These evening activities are not something we do every night, we usually have very simple nights, but it's a treat when we can do many of these often during the summer.

1- The drive in movie. If you are fortunate to have a drive in theater near you then, yeah! Growing up we had one 20 minutes away and boy was it was a treat. I'm in Southern California and there are two drive in theaters in Riverside. Van Buren Drive In, and Rubidoux Drive In. They usually play the same movies but sometimes between them they will switch up the two movies that are played together on their three screens. When there are movies playing together on the same screen that are appropriate for kids then we love to make a night out of it.
For the drive in you don't need to have a truck or an SUV with the back that opens. You can drive a normal sedan car and bring chairs and blankets to sit on the ground outside.
We usually pack up our dinner, some treats and goodies, and pillows and blankets. We make a night out of it by getting there well before dusk so we can get a good parking spot. If you get there too late, when it's dark, you have to drive around with your lights off. We got there late once for the opening night of Monsters U. It was such a last minute idea, so we weren't prepared. We were turned away because it was already full.

2-Movies at home. This is the the affordable way to watch new releases. I've discovered VidAngel and I'm hooked. It's similar to netflix where you can stream the movies to watch on your own home TV, computer, or other device. The movies can be edited where you can adjust your filter to take the swear words out as well as other questionable material you don't want to see. You can choose to not filter anything out as well. You need a credit card to watch the initial movie you purchase. I say purchase, because to make the movie filterable, you have to own the movie yourself. You buy it from them edited for $20. When you are done watching the movie you can sell it back to them for $19. They do not put that back on your credit card, they put the $19 in your VidAngel account and it is there for you to use to buy your next movie. Next time you want to watch a movie, you purchase it for $20 again, but this time they use the credit you have in your VidAngel account and $1 from your credit card. So it then becomes $1 for each additional movie.
You do have the choice to keep the movie in the edit form to watch over and over agian, just don't sell it back.

3- Movies at the Movie theater. You don't have to go to all new movies at night and pay full price. If you hit up a matinee, you pay a little less, you get out a little earlier, and you avoid a lot of crowds. Plus, you still have time after the movie to do fun things before the kids have to go to bed, like get frozen yogurt!

4- Movies (theaters or concerts) in the park. Most cities or communities have these for free. Or a minimal price. Look around your area and see what is available. A simple google search should get you results. It's fun to hang out on blankets playing games and eating dinner while waiting. Redlands, CA has the Redlands Bowl. They have local performers and a full musical production every summer. This year will be Oklahoma. I participated in that while in high school so it will be especially fun to go see with my kids. This is worth the drive one night if there is a performance on the schedule you are interested in seeing. People com from far and wide to attend and you will want to get there well before it starts.

5- The beach or poolside BBQ. We live near the beach and so there is usually an evening BBQ held with good food and play time. Making it a day long event gives you more of an opportunity to get a fire pit early before they are all taken. All the beaches have different amenities so it's wise to search for what's available for your wants or needs.

6-Because it's still fairly light in the evening, we enjoy a nice bike ride, or just a walk, when it's cooled off a bit. This is a great activity for all ages. You can head out around your neighborhood, to your local park, or get more into it and find a local paved or dirt trail. My favorite place in Utah to ride bikes is out Provo Canyon. It's nice a cool with beautiful scenery, the path is paved, and has center divider lines. You are sure to see all ages riding on this path any time of day. In Orange county, there is pathways and trails galore. Many trails don't ever cross any vehicle roads. This web site has been pretty handy with information and locating trails (walking and biking) in my area and will help you out with your area too. Trail Link.

7- Sporting event. There are many professional baseball teams near us or just a little drive away and my boys love to watch. Baseball is not even our favorite sport, but we have enjoyed being at evening games and the excitement that comes along with it. San Diego, Anaheim, and LA are all close enough to drive for those living in Southern CA.

8- Watching the sun set. I've never thought of this as a favorite activity of mine until we moved near the beach. We have the amazing view of the sunset as it heads over the very edge of the earth. The sun sets everywhere, and everywhere will have great views but there is something about watching it slip over the ocean horizon. Some areas we drive to and walk a little ways to get a good view of this.

9- Frozen yogurt or custard, (or ice cream). This is a treat to us all by it's self with no other activity involved. We love the places that have tables and chairs available outside to enjoy our treat. Golden Spoon is a favorite of ours. We love their stamp card. My family spent one summer back East and we were in heaven with all the frozen custard places to enjoy. Rochester, NY had some we couldn't get enough of. When we came home to California we were sad that it was more of an Eastern thing, and we couldn't find custard here. While in New York, we also enjoyed the custard at Rita's. Since then, we have discovered Rita's has opened all over the country. There is sure to be one near you. We also discovered a place in Redlands, California called Theron's Frozen Custard. They have amazing frozen custard and special flavors weekly. There also have gourmet sandwiches, but we have never gone there for real food. There is a back yard patio to eat on with a view of the local garden/orchard you can also walk through.

I would love to hear your low key summer activities that have been fun for your family. Please leave me a comment and share.
You can read my first part to Summer break with kids- low key activity ideas HERE

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