Wednesday, June 22, 2016

style report: summer cut off's comfy t-shirt

Cheering on my favorite little hockey player for his playoffs yesterday. The Spring league is over and now we get a little break before Summer session and camps begin. My little buddy is one impressive team player. He is always aware of the puck and takes a look to where it needs to be passed. He also knows when is a good time to head to the net himself. Nothing is better than watching your kids participate in something they have worked so hard towards.
I get to wear shorts because it's not ice hockey this time. I love not freezing for an hour in the ice rink.

My favorite summer style is a t-shirt I don't have to wear a layering shirt or a tank top underneath because it's too thin. This shirt is very comfortable. I love to wear my hair in a messy bun and get it off my neck. For the bottoms, I prefer nice breezy skirts, like this one, or cut off denim shorts.

Shirt- LA Kings Fan
Shorts- cut off from Gap jeans
Knit cardigan- Old Navy

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