Thursday, June 30, 2016

style report: pants for summer nights

Thursday Ramblings returns. I always have these random thoughts throughout the day, some bigger and some just a sentence thought. So that's why I started rambling on Thursdays. I'm going to take more advantage of that this summer :)

The summer days have given me so much down time that I have really enjoyed. My boys have been pretty busy and are gone a lot until late morning to sports camps, youth conference, scout camps... This has given me time to do laundry every day and not hate it. We have had more time to learn to cook because I have had time to plan ahead the food needed. My youngest has been working on all his states and knows where they are.

My edeenut shop has only ready-to-ship items listed now. I went in and deactivated all the custom items for a few weeks. They will be available July 9th. I don't have to stress about making anything new and I get to enjoy my family and our summer vacation for a few weeks.

 I'm kind of worried about teaching the women's class at church in two weeks, Relief Society. Not so much the teaching, but that I only have two weeks to prepare. I normally teach the 12 year old youth Sunday school class and they aren't adults who scare me and know more than me. The topis is "True Greatness". Maybe some of you have already had that lesson. It's a good one for everyone to study. Do you have any thoughts on it?

I've been binge watching Everybody Loves Raymond on Netflix at night. I laugh out loud a lot! I get so frustrated at Debra for not standing up to the Mother in law more. I also get so mad at Raymond. Really, he is such a mamma's boy and I don't like the way he treats his wife. But that's the name of the show...

It's been a pretty comfortable June with temps only getting to 100 here once, if I recall. We've had cool mornings and been able to enjoy the car windows down while driving before 9 AM. In the evening, my son has had water polo games after the sun has gone behind the pool deck wall. The first night I was pretty cold, and so the other nights I have learned to at least wear some pants.
Twill pants are not thick or too thin. They are easily worn to the pool in the evening or dressed up for date night. I'm pretty much living in comfy skirts and tees the rest of the day. See the truth behind and reason I started my Sunday Style Report here.

  Knit Shirt- Old Navy (old)
Pants- Old Navy (old)
Hobo purse- edeenut
Earrings- Nickel and Suede 
Shoes- Patagonia

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