Wednesday, June 29, 2016

style report: classic button up white shirt

A simple classic wardrobe is something I try to fill my closet with. I think that there are a few articles of clothing that will last throughout the ages. These are things that are not going to go out of style every season and something that I can wear with just about anything. For example, a simple white button down shirt. Long or short sleeves, these shirts have been worn for decades, and I'm convinced will always be in style.

I found my favorite white, short sleeved shirt two years ago at the outlets stores in Las Vegas. I've worn it with all sorts of bottoms, for any occasion. It's great during summer or winter with a blazer or sweater and scarf.
I don't wear it often so it has not needed to be replaced yet. The two shirts below are similar and are the style I will look for when mine needs replacing. The short sleeve one is pretty much exactly like mine now.
Long sleeved- Banana Republic, Short sleeved- Brooks Brothers

So many options on the bottom to wear with your white button up shirt. Print skirt- Forever 21, Straight jeans- Levi's,  Denim skirt- NordstromNavy Khaki pants- Old Navy, Bermuda shorts- Gap

Scarf- Target
Cuff bracelets- Gorjana Rocks Box
Earrings- Nickel and Suede

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Want a little extra reading? I came across this really great article about white shirts, from washing, to wearing, and how they should fit. It's an excellent read. On the Huffington Post.

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