Sunday, June 19, 2016

father's day treats, and words on simplicity

Holidays really throw things off for me. Every normal day, I'm just cruising along doing great, keeping up with daily routine. I'm getting good at preparing for the day. This summer, I'm encouraging my kids to do their chores and get dressed, to learn something new. I'm getting dinner on the table, the dishes done, and toys picked up. I'm feeling pretty good getting the kids to their scheduled events on time.

Then June 19th sneaks up on me. It's not just Father's Day, but any holiday usually throws me off. They don't really sneak up on me either, I know they are coming. I see them on the calendar. I just don't do anything about it because my mind can't hold one more thing.

Most days, my mom mind is a bunch of to-do lists fighting with each other. There are kids schedules, bills to pay, school projects to finish, appointments to make with the dentist... Then all this hype with a holiday coming up makes my mind nervous.
Pinterest boards seem to flood my mind, pushing out the to-do lists. I see these perfectly made decorations, these perfectly pretty desserts, and these happy families celebrating together.

I used to try to do all that perfect stuff. It was fun and I loved to do it. Then one time I didn't put out a certain decoration. And you know what? My kids still had a happy holiday. Then another time, I didn't make a particular dessert. And you guessed it, My kids still had a happy holiday.
I learned it's okay to simplify.

Usually, I work on tasks in deadline order. For me, that means, if I have a deadline coming up on Tuesday, I can't really start on the thing due Friday until Tuesday's task is completed. I usually have thoughts of Friday's task in my mind, getting ideas and I may have bought items needed, but the actual compiling can't begin until my mind can fully focus on it. It's not procrastination to me. It's called saving my sanity. It's called Simplify.
I am a multi tasker by heart, and I get a lot accomplished by multi tasking every day things and get frustrated when others don't multi task. But multi tasking large tasks that require more than one day are not for me anymore. I've learned that we are still a happy family when I simplify.

I loved every single holiday growing up. I loved everything my mom did to make the holidays special. My husband loves telling me all the things his mom did too for holidays. He once told me I "need to go back to mom school". It was the first Easter that I didn't go all out for my kids. I planned a candy egg hunt, but no extra candy in the Easter baskets. It was a hurtful thing to me even if he said it jokingly. But I've learned to let the guilt go when I don't do all the fun things for my kids I wish I could do. I've learned that we can still make memories and be happy even if we are not stuffed full of candy or deserts, or have a wreath hanging on the front door.
I've learned that to simplify can mean happiness without guilt.

So what did I really mean to tell you about in this post before all this holiday rambling? I found these super easy and cute Father's Day treats for my kids to give their dad. My husband never expects big gifts. He's happy with food and this is just the thing for us.
Thanks to the girls at Eighteen25 for these last minute Father's Day ideas, my mind can relax this holiday! I love the simple things telling someone that you love them. Huge things don't need to be done all the time.

These are the three treats we chose to prepare for Father's Day gifts.
Photos by Eighteen25.

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