Thursday, May 19, 2016

truth behind my Sunday Style Report - part 1

Here’s the truth (part 1). When I started writing my Sunday StyleReport posts HERE, my main goal was to encourage myself to actually get dressed and out of pj’s or yoga pants! I honestly had such a hard time with this. Admittedly, some days I would just throw on a sweatshirt over the t-shirt I wore to bed and not even put on a bra…yikes! That’s how bad I was. I usually have to get up early and take my kids to school. I am not a morning person. I have never been a morning person so I chose to sleep until the last possible minute and then throw on a sweatshirt and go. If my husband took the kids to school one day, then I really had no excuse why I didn’t get dressed.

My style was, “I didn’t plan to get out of the car”. I would hope and pray that I didn’t get in a fender bender or that some other mother at drop of wouldn't hit my rear bumper forcing me to get out of the car and deal with it, in my pink plaid pants! (This did happen once, you would think I would have learned!)

After school drop off, if I didn’t have any plans out of the house that certain afternoon, I sadly would just get busy cleaning or sewing for edeenut or doing other projects staying in my pjs until it was time to pick up kids. Then I got dressed before heading off to school pickup with a ponytail.

I actually have more of a hard time getting dress recently than I ever did with young kids. With my young kids I was going to play group, heading to the park regularly, and going inside the preschool for pick up instead of just drive by like now. I don't feel like I had a problem then.

So back to now, I usually got a lot accomplished during the day by working and cleaning (yeah, and Netflix did have away of creeping in!), but I was feeling scroungy in my pj's. I was feeling ugly when I would walk by a mirror. Sadly, I thought I looked like a boy with no make up on. This was depressing. But on days I did actually get dressed early, I felt motivated and I just felt good about myself. I knew if UPS knocked on the door, I could just wait ten minutes until he was gone to get my package. 

No more. I choose to get dressed and now I am proving it with my Sunday Style Reports.

I have plans for these tan pants, I would wear them more often if they were a different fit, so I'll sew that soon and show you the after.
 T-shirt- forever21
Pants- JC Penny, old
Shoes- Rainbow
Satement necklace- from Rocksbox

If you want to try out your own free month of jewelry head on over to Rocksbox and use
Code: edithbff11 

When I spend even 10 minutes or less on my make-up, I felt put together. If I just curl my eye lashes I look a lot better, even if I do skip mascara.
This change makes a huge difference in how I see myself. I don’t want to be depressed and ugly all day. I want to feel good about myself. I don’t want my hubby to get home and see me in the exact same lounge clothes he saw me in before work.
I want him to still look at me as the wife he married.

This whole thing is really hard for me still and there have been some days that I resort back to my old ways, but for the most part I am improving and this will become a habit. I still wear ponytails, I don't always wear make up, but I am loving adding jewelry to make me put together more!

I’m pretty simple in my style. I’m not claiming to be a fashion blogger up on the newest trends. I am a simple mom and wife who wants to look and feel her best. My best is not anyone else’s best. It is mine alone. I’m a pretty frugal spender and don’t spend a lot on clothes. I like to shop though, don't get me wrong :) I'm just pretty aware of what things cost and what I want to spend.

I think that when I dwell on social media on the nicely dressed, put together moms out there, who are always dressed to perfection, it's easy to get depressed. It's easy to feel like if I can't be like that, why try? By remembering that my perfect isn't anyone else's perfect, I able to allow myself to relax and just do what I can do for me. No need to keep up with the social media Joneses.  And I bet their perfect day is not as common as I see it on social media.

Black shirt- New York and Company
Maxi Skirt- (I took 2" off the bottom hem) New York and Company  
Knit blazer- Forever 21
Shoes- Blowfish from Zappos
Stamped necklace-  SosoBella 
Earrings- Nickel & Suede


  1. Great post! I can relate to this! I don't have kids and I do work, but, boy, the weekends... Some days I have trouble putting real pants on, forget about make-up. I definitely relate to the UPS guy situation! I also notice that even when I spend 10 minutes brushing my hair, putting it up and putting some make up on so that I don't look like a ghost, I feel a lot better about myself and my day. As for social media, that's a whole discussion on it's own! I came to believe that almost nothing is as it seems. Majority of the "effortless" pictures took time and effort to look that way. Perfect people do not exist. I don't want to strive to be perfect, I'd rather be real and myself, even if somedays it means I have bags under my eyes and haven't brushed my hair in a day (that's why it's up lol):) Thank you for your post!

  2. Anya, 10 minutes makes such a huge difference, Yes! I've got the real hair going on - ponytail or braid most days :)