Monday, May 30, 2016

style report: casual day to date night

Date night around here isn't really a dress up occasion. It's usually to the grocery store, or to get frozen yogurt. Sometime we head to our favorite Mexican restaurant or try out a new one that we've had our eyes on. But either way we usually don't dress up in anything other than what we had on that day. Sometimes though, we do clean up and put on things other than jeans. And sometimes we have my son take the photos...
What kind of things do you do for date night? We need to get better at setting time aside to do it. I realize if we don't schedule it in it doesn't happen or it's last minute. Nothings wrong with last minute but sometimes it's nice to plan in advance. If we are last minute, then my husband is usually dressed nice because he still has his work clothes on which leaves me debating about what to wear. My regular clothes that day or change into something nicer? This whole getting dressed idea (read about it here) has helped me to be prepared for last minute dates and I'm not feeling lazy and just want to stay home. If I'm dressed and ready, then it's easier to go out!

Last Saturday we did things around the home so I was just dressed casual. We had planned ahead and knew we would be going out that evening so I wore a top that I could transition for night time. Shorts for day time, and later I added dress pants, belt, and a necklace.

Polka dot shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- Old Navy
Dress pants- Kohls
Black cardigan sweater- Nordstrom Rack
Necklace- Kendra Scott *
Earrings- Nickel & Suede 
(I wasn't kidding when I said these are the only earrings I want to wear now)
*If you want to try out your own free month of jewelry head on over to Rocksbox and use
Code: edithbff11 

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