Tuesday, May 17, 2016

summer tote bag round up

As much as I love going hands free, there are plenty of times I need a larger bag for all my stuff. Summer trips are just the time when I need it all with me. I've rounded up a few bags that are just my style and very roomy for all those summer essentials and specific occasions that I would use each bag. These are all from a few shops that I have admired and followed along with for quite some time. I just love their style and designs!

#1 I would carry this bag, by annebdesigns, everywhere, a day trip to the museum, a carry-on when flying, a daytime summer matinee with the kids, Sunday church because it doesn't close with a zipper I could easily access my lesson manual and books.

#2 This would add a little more flirt to my date night with hubby. Made by Daylinsky. Also, great for a lunch with the girls!

#3 This is the perfect over night bag, made by MeryBradley, it has a closeure to keep my personals secure. I would take it on a quick over night jaunt with the hubby, a weekend with the girls, a carry on for the flight...

#4 I'm absolutely in love with waxed canvas. I have made a few zipper pouches with it and some day will make a larger tote... But until then, this waxed canvas tote has all my heart! Made by bookhou.  I've loved their style from the moment I discovered them years ago. This is just a great bag for everything, library visit, carry-on when flying, shopping trip to the outlet malls, concert in the park, watching kids play summer sports...

*This is not a sponsored post, and I'm not getting paid for this, I just love to share a good thing with you when it makes my life easier

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