Monday, May 23, 2016

from my child's mouth: my mom is prettiest when she looks like a zoo animal

My kids are so innocent and sweet, most the time. I get a kick out of what they pick up on from my husband and I. It's crazy what they see or hear us do and then repeat. They trust us so much that it's kind of scary.
A recent event on Mothers Day still makes me chuckle out loud.

Background: My husband has a name for every article of clothing I own. It's never just a T-shirt to him, It's more like "You're wearing your prisoner shirt..." if it's a black and white striped shirt. Or else, my "cow shirt" if it's a black and white speckled shirt... I also have a sweet tart shirt (it's a light heather pink color). My kids hear this every day from his mouth and so they have just assumed it as normal. Although, my black sexy dress is usually not said out loud in front of the kids.

So, I have this maxi skirt that's pretty comfortable and is the perfect fit. I love it a lot. It's also black and white striped. This particular skirt has become my zebra skirt.

The morning of Mother's Day I was given a card/book my youngest son had made in school. Every page had a different question to answer. They were all great! It's always fun to hear what little kids really think. One page was titled, "My mom is prettiest when..."
As I read this out loud, my husband and I had a hard time keeping a straight face!

My mom looks prettiest when in her Zebra outfit. 
It's white with black stripes. 
Her hair is put down in the back...

 I usually have my hair in a ponytail or have my hair pulled back so I guess he notices when it's down!

Black shirt- New York and Company
Maxi Skirt- (I took 2" off the bottom hem) New York and Company  
Knit blazer- Forever 21
Stamped necklace-  SosoBella 
Earrings- Nickel & Suede

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