Sunday, April 3, 2016

sunday style report

Today was a great Sunday. Every 6 months leaders of our church speak to us and uplift and inspire us. Instead of getting dressed up and going to church, I was at home in my jammies cuddled up on the couch with my family watching the broadcast on TV. I will spare you those photos...

Earlier this week, I did the usual school and music lesson drop off. Orthodontist apt for me and lunch with family from out of town. I started taking note of what I wear during the week to help myself feel a little more put together, productive and a little less frumpy lazy mom.  See a background here of WHY I do my Sunday Style Report.

Shirt- Target
Shoes- Patagonia
Necklace- SosoBella
Zipper Clutch- Edeenut

I love the way these jeans fit me in the thighs and bum area. They are not too tight or loose. I've started experimenting with rolling the bottoms and am liking the look. I own these shoes in a few different colors and love how comfortable they are. They are easy to slip on, and go with pretty much every outfit. The top toe and heel area is leather and the sides have this mesh that allows the shoes to breath. 

Shirt- Forever21
Knit cardigan- Old Navy

I like to have a sweater or jacket when I'm at a restaurant because they always are cold inside.

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