Friday, March 4, 2016

weekly phone screenshots

I've got a thing with taking screenshots. They make remembering things so easy!
While scrolling through Instagram, some web page, or even Zillow on my phone, I come across a lot of really cool stuff. Some of the stuff I want to save and remember or act upon when I get to my computer. Pinterest is not really somewhere I want to save everything. Let's be honest, things get lost on Pinterest. (Plus, I don't know how to pin things from my phone!)
Here's the post where I share a little peek into my screenshots.
What are you saving these days with screenshots?

 #1 I think this spatula is Genius. I love reading and hearing about others favorite things. There is usually something that I have never heard about but wish I had it. This spatula is just that. It's so long.
Becky Higgins shares lots of great ideas!

#2 Rice crispy treats from Kati. But not just any rice crispy treats, these are made with burnt butter. Have you ever made that? I first made some roasted green beans with burnt butter last year and I was in love. So these are on my to make list.

#3 One Little Mamma recently showed on Instagram how she wore her new chambray shirt dress from old navy. Her tip was to order long so the side slits weren't too high up. I clicked my thumb and finger simultaneously and a screen shot was born. I ordered it when I got to my computer to check it out closer and it just came in the mail. I love it. It was also 30% off (I ordered a long too).

#4 A sewn bowl with cording (rope) and fabric. I have always been drawn to these bowls when I see them and have wanted to make one forever. I love the colors used in this one shared on Instagram by @twinssquared. The little side loop is something I've never seen before and I would have to add one too.

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