Sunday, March 20, 2016

sunday style report

Yesterday was a busy one, heading from one place to the other for kids activities all day long. I have to plan ahead when going to multiple places to make sure I'm comfortable for the changes in temperature. Usually, if it's indoors, I have to plan on having a jacket or sweater because I'm always cold and the AC is always cranked.
Hockey was first. When Hockey is inside on the ice I wear my wool coat and a beanie on my head, plus I bring gloves. If I remember, I will stick two instant hot packs in both coat pockets. Luckily, the hockey this day was not on ice but roller hockey, a lot warmer for a spectator.

(photos taken by my 8yr old! :)
Jacket- Old Navy
Twill pants- Old Navy (from 10 years ago!)
Belt- The Gap
Earrings- Bellezamia Jewely
Bracelet- Rocksbox
Shoes- Patagonia
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After the game we headed to a local pizza place for a team party. Inside means air conditioner so I was sure to have a jacket. After pizza, my son had his first pinewood derby race at our church. The cultural hall in our church is always cold!

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