Sunday, March 13, 2016

sunday style report

I normally don't dress up entirely every day during the week. By this, I mean I don't do my hair, full makeup, and dress nicely, all on the same day. I may put my hair in a ponytail and not wear makeup one day. Another day I may have my hair done, some make up but no mascara. To be honest, there are some days I stay in pajamas pants (more than I like to admit). Then some days I will do it all. Normally this will happen on Sunday for sure, because I go to church. I'm not claiming to be a stylish mom or person in any way. I'm kind of out of touch from the younger generation, but that's okay. I'm not young anymore and I'm not out to dress like a teenager or 20-something year old because I'm not that young anymore... (although I do laugh that my heather gray shirt is from forever21!) I think that today, anything goes for style. There is no right or wrong. Everyone is so different and their clothes and style is a great way to express who they are. I don't really follow any style or fashion rules personally. If I like it I will wear it, especially if it's comfortable.

Today, I wore my new necklace from Rocksbox. The Double Teardrop Pendant Necklace is a nice addition. I'm liking the touch of jewelry I've had to try the last couple months. This double teardrop was just the perfect length.

shirt: forever21, necklace:rocksbox
The other pieces from my rocksbox shipment this week was a set of gold stacking rings, and sparkly Phoebe Earrings in Ice Druzy.

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