Wednesday, March 2, 2016

sewing and craft room storage ideas

Recently, I had to give up my designated sewing room. I had a nice office I used for sewing, crafts storage, and even a guest bed for visitors.
In my post from yesterday, I talked about our front room being decorated and furnished. The white armoire is my favorite piece of storage but there was a time last year I tried to get rid of it. We had our huge, old fashioned, TV inside it. The TV worked well but it was huge and took up so much space. We got rid of the TV finally, then we had to decide what to do about the empty armoire. I had things stored in the drawers and wasn’t sure where to put all that stuff.
Eventually, I decided to keep the armoire, a choice I have never regretted it.
I originally bought the armoire on Craig’s List. It was the perfect size for our old fashioned TV at the time. Now it is the perfect size for storing lots of sewing and craft supplies!

My sewing area now consists of half of our master bedroom. I set up my table and sewing machine, and computer armoire. Because the room is fairy large, sewing hardly takes up much of the room. I store most of my supplies in my master closet (It is huge!)
There are a few storage boxes on the shelf by my sewing table, but my entire cotton fabric stash is out in the front room, hidden behind the armoire doors. No one is the wiser when they come to visit. In fact, one of my boy’s friends was curious and opened the doors as he was looking around our new home. He said, “and the TV is in here.” He was a bit embarrassed and quickly shut the door not quite knowing what he had stumbled upon after seeing all the fabric.

Eventually, I would like to build shelves in the main compartment, like the top one we added, to make it easier to organize. For now, I make due with wooden crates as shelves. I store all my batting and fleece padding on the top shelve. After completing a few projects and pulling different fabrics out, I tend to have a mess. Every now and then, I'll spend a while re-organizing and putting fabric back in it's place. I like to find the specific fabric I need and easily see what I have at a glance. When it’s stacked up and messy, it’s hard to find anything. Building shelves will help a lot with keeping the mess at bay.

The top drawer houses more fabric. These are all cuts smaller than 1 yard. The second drawer houses craft paints, stamps, and other odd craft supplies on one side. The middle has paper, and the other side has zipper bags making pencils, markers, crayons, stapler and other office supplies. This is a great way to make everything easily accessible for the kids.

Here are a few armoires I came across on Chairish that are similar to mine and have storage options for your sewing/craft/office.  

The vintage metal baskets are nice to keep inside, found at Chairish.

The clear plastic boxes are perfect to see what is inside to access easily. We crafters know that sewing and craft supplies need to be seen and found easily. 

Larger wicker baskets fit nicely underneath on the bottom shelf.

Similar baskets hereand here

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