Tuesday, March 29, 2016

feeling at home in a rental: entry way rug

I'm slowly furnishing our home and decided we needed a large area rug in our entry way. The white tile was getting really dirty and I was vacuuming the dirt up all the time. I wanted a dark rug that would hide dirt because this is a main traffic are in our house. The gray rug is a perfect darkness to hide foot traffic. The white lines are higher than the gray background making the rug a bit tricky to vacuum. If you go slow with the vacuum, you are able to get the entire rug well and suck up all the particles. But it does take multiple times going over the same area.

This is after the first vacuuming. The wool really does shed a lot the first few months. It needs to be vacuumed frequently. My canister was empty to begin with and now I have to empty it before I vacuum again. My Dyson has some power and so I'm not surprised at how the canister filled up so fast.

I searched on rugsUSA and found this gray trellis rug. It was on sale and shipped for free. After my first experience with purchasing an area rug from them, I was pleased to get another one from there.
This exact same rug is on sale right now for 75% off and ships free, among many other rugs on sale.

*This is not a sponsored post, and I'm not getting paid for this, I just love to share a good thing with you when it makes my life easier.


  1. I have this same vacuum and love it! I was excited to vacuum the first few months we got it because it works so well. When we moved into our new house with new carpet, this is what the canister looked like for me too. It must just be new rugs/carpet in general with extra fibers to come out. It took a few months before it subsided.

  2. Heather I still love vacuuming! The vacuum makes such a difference:)