Tuesday, March 1, 2016

feeling at home in a rental: family room

We've been in our rental home for half a year now. Renting is a lot different than living in the home we own. When we decided to rent until we got used to the new area, I was a bit worried that we would end up in an odd house that I would not enjoy. I've heard horror stories about rentals and how gross they can be, how hard they are to decorate, and how hard it can be to feel like home.
Luckily, we ended up in a great house. Inside, it's the perfect neutral to decorate with, white walls, white drapes and window coverings, white tile flooring, and white carpet. The house has many nice points and a few interesting details.

First off, I love the main living room/area. It has huge double story windows. The light shines in early each morning and fills the entire house with warmth. They have white custom drapes and vertical blinds for coverings. The coverings are this subtle 90's pattern but are functionable so we can turn the pattern facing out. Some of the blinds slats are broken leaving gaps in the privacy. The drapes hung down a little too far making us duck to walk through the sliding door. I used a length of twine to hold them up further. They have this slight dusty smell to them and I'm guessing, have never been washed. By holding them up further, the smell is not right in your face and even more light can shine in. A huge bonus to me!

I got the book The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful, by Myquillyn Smith (theNester) and read it in a just a few sittings, after moving in. I wanted to feel at home right away and loved how she encouraged this throughout the entire book. She talks about the many rental homes her family lived in, and how she made them home.

Photo by TheNester.com
One idea in the book I followed right away was to hang pictures on the wall as soon as possible. Within a couple weeks, I had them mostly up throughout the entire house. We have no idea how long we will be in this house so I wanted the instant feel of home that only things hanging on the wall can provide.

Our house is a lot larger than the one we moved from. I struggled at first to know how to arrange the little amount of furniture we had in our main room. It has more than enough room for two couches or another chair. We aren't in the position to buy all new furniture now so we are getting by with one couch and one chair. That one couch and one chair filled up the family room in our last house with no room to spare. I would love to luck out on Craig's list for some awesome looking chair or love seat, but I don't want to buy something new to just fill the space. I want it to be something I really love and want to take with me when we move. So far, we purchased a coffee table and a side table from Living Spaces. I got an area rug on sale from Rugs.com. I never imagined how much adding an area rug to the space would make it feel so comfortable. My intentions were to break up all the white tile and make a little area to sit and gather, and I'm so happy with the outcome.

The white armoire will stay in this spot because it's heavy, and too large, to move upstairs or through a small doorway downstairs. I love the storage in this thing so I won't be getting rid of it. It houses half of my fabric and craft supplies. It will eventually go in my sewing studio when we buy our next house (that's a requirement for our next house). See my post tomorrow for more info about my sewing and craft storage ideas.

One I my favorite things to do in the evening is turn on the side lamp, put my feet up on the coffee table and read or work on my laptop. This area is comfortable to me now and will do nicely while we enjoy living in this house.

I shared my couch makeover in this post and secrets in making the slipcover.

Check this post out to see what's stored inside my white armoire.

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