Friday, February 5, 2016

style report: rocksbox rocks my wardrobe

I have always loved the idea of jewelry. It can look amazing when paired with a stylish outfit. My collection of earrings is pretty big, but one trouble I have is not having many necklaces, rings, or bracelets. I would love a place to keep those pieces I do have where I see them every day and remember to wear. A Rocksbox subscription has a great solution for my little struggles. They send you a pretty box of selected jewelery pieces and you get to wear them and love them. I can sit the box out on my dresser to see what I want to wear that day. When you are ready to add new pieces to your wardrobe, just send back your pretty box and they will send you another selection of three. They are stylish and perfect pieces for any occasion. Think of it as a Netflix for jewelry. If there is a piece sent to you that you absolutely love, you can purchase it for a great member price as well.

Rocksbox sent me a three month free subscription to the jewelry and I absolutely loved trying it out. If I was a super popular mom who went out with to lunch with friends every day or on a date with my husband every night I would easily pay for this service. As a simple mom like me, it's hard to justify the extra money a month for it.

My first rocksbox came recently and I feel like each of the three pieces included portrayed my style spot on.  A perfectly wrapped box made it exciting to open, like a special gift just for me.

I had put the necklace on my "wish" list so I was excited to see it in my first box.
The stacked rose gold rings and Chalcedony earrings were a pleasant surprise to coordinate.

I love how each piece can be worn every day with jeans and a comfortable t-shirt or they can be added to a stylish out on the town outfit.
I'm excited to see what my next box will contain!

If you want to try out you own free month of jewelry head on over to Rocksbox and use
Code: edithbff11

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