Monday, February 8, 2016

fresh, organic, produce delivered to my door step

I have a confession to make, I hate grocery shopping. There, now you know. I hope we can still be friends.
I actually do like it, I just find it hard to do lately. Plus, it's hard to fit into my schedule.
My husband does the bulk of the grocery shopping on his way home from work and it works great when I have a good list for him to follow.
There is one downside to him getting the food, I can't pick out my own produce.
He doesn't love to eat a lot of produce and doesn't have as good of an eye as I do for picking the yummy stuff.
He hates tomatoes and doesn't know when the red things are ripe or not.
I love fresh produce and my kids and I eat everything that grows in the garden, except for mushrooms...

I discovered Farm Fresh To You recently and decided to give it a shot because they were offering a discount on my first delivery.
There is an option to get a veggie and fruit mix box and small medium or large, or any amount of boxes as you wish.
I signed up for the every other week small box delivery. The organic produce is locally grown in CA and it's fresh.
A few days before your scheduled delivery, you can go in and edit your box just in case there is some thing that you don't like or think you will eat (Like said mushrooms mentioned above).

It showed up quietly in the early morning. We opened our door and brought in the box with carefully wrapped veggies in a protective bag. The broccoli was eaten over a week, and was delicious, the red tip lettuce is still fresh a week and a half later as we are still working on eating it in salads and tacos. It was a huge head of lettuce! The pears and kiwis were ready to eat within a few days after sitting to ripen.
If you would like to enjoy a discount of $10 off your first box, then use the code EDIT5643 when signing up. You will love the convenience! 

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