Tuesday, September 22, 2015

weekly phone screenshots

I've got a thing with taking screenshots. They make remembering things so easy!
While scrolling through Instagram, some web page, or even Zillow on my phone, I come across a lot of really cool stuff. Some of the stuff I want to save and remember or act upon when I get to my computer. Pinterest is not really somewhere I want to save everything. Let's be honest, things get lost on Pinterest. (Plus, I don't know how to pin things from my phone!)
Here's the post where I share a little peek into my screenshots.
What are you saving these days with screenshots?

#1  I saw this picture on Instagram. It's the truth. I've tried to be more specific and have a purpose with what I'm doing on the internet. I don't know who to credit this image to, if you know please share.

#2 From Instagram also. I'm always on the hunt for new and creative chore charts. I have a similar version of this for my kids to write on with a marker and then wipe off for the next day. It kind of helps with the basic every day needs.

#3 I follow A Bountiful kitchen on Instagram and love the look of these tasty bread sticks. I need to go make them!

#4 Instagram is full of good stuff. My friend posted this piano book and I want to try to find if for my kids.

 #5 I've been on the hunt for an area rug for my front room. I'm kind of overwhelmed when I look on all the websites and see what is available. I find it easier to get an idea of what I want elsewhere and then go look for something specifically like it. This is one option I think looks good in a front room.

#6 This area rug is also one I was drawn to while looking on Zillow! I never imagined having a floral rug but when I saw this one I started imagining it. I wasn't even looking on Zillow for rugs ha!

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