Thursday, September 17, 2015

catching up with life

Do you ever feel that life is just running away from you and no matter what you try you are always running after it trying to catch up?

This year has brought on some changes for my family and I'm still trying to catch up.
Summer was busy because Spring was busy. I began packing up our house in Spring to move.
I began searching for place to move. Homes and neighborhoods that our children would grow fond of. Areas that I would feel safe.
We had a general idea of where we wanted to live but at the time had no leads and no where to go.
We needed to get out of the Inland Empire, that in California is anywhere East of Orange and LA counties. Inland; No coast in sight. My husband works in Orange County and was gone all the time. He commuted over an hour each way.
This was a move that we were guided to. This was not my first choice and when the answer came to move to Orange County I was scared and I admit sad and confused. But I knew it had to be.
Because of his job, we knew the general area where we would move, but had to put our total trust in God to lead us to the final place.
So many homes fell though and I was getting frustrated. I was tired. But I knew this was the plan, and answer to our prayers, so I pushed on.

Summer began and we put our house up for rent. Our very first home. The home my kids had grown up in and loved. We did this with no place for us to move yet. All I can say is that total trust is the only way I was able to survive. Otherwise, I would think we were out of our minds! We found friends in our church who would move in and rent our home. This was not by luck, they had been guided, I know. This was all laid out before hand by the hands of our loving Heavenly Father who guided us both to each other.

During a busy Pediatrician appointment, I got news of a home that became available the night before. I couldn't call from the Doctor's but knew if I didn't hurry it would be snatched up like every other home before we could even look at it.
Finally, the appointment was over and after a little ordeal or texts, phone calls and viewings, we were notified we could move in!
We moved in the next week. Spring had been good to me as I packed up our belongings. We were ready to go.

So here I am, in Orange County, near Irvine, and loving it. My husband gets home within 30 minutes.
I love our neighborhood and love being right by the ocean.
Moving is hard. Changing schools, church meetings, leaving your friends and everything you've known.
Plus, changing your address with every single company is not fun.
I'm still playing catch up. I'm still not completely settled but I know that is not likely to happen, lets be honest!

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