Friday, June 5, 2015

Mini cake buntings for every occasion

Recently, the thank you cards I send out with my edeenut purchases have had a little sample of my mini buntings on them.
This is a great way for me to share the many patterns and colors that I offer for my bunting spools.
This is a set showing off my soft rainbow mix.

I love when customers have taken the little strips off the cards and used them for something fun!
Here is what Sarah used her sample strip for. Her sweet daughter's Birthday. She attached the bunting to the dowels herself. I love her large cupcakes in place of a cake!

These cake buntings are always fun to use on an any dessert, not just a cake! I've even seen them on a platter of donuts.
Here I used them on mini cupcakes and love the special touch they add.
Where have you used them?
You can find the many patterns and colors I offer here in my shop.
And be sure to keep sending me your photos with your ideas! I love being able to share your photos.

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