Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Product photo shoot behind the scenes

I thought I would show you behind the scenes of my recent photo shoot.
I had a few custom pouches I wanted to get shots of before I sent them out.

My photos usually take place outside my back door. Usually, I head out, before the sun comes over the trees, in the morning. If the sun has gotten there before me then it casts vertical shadows through the patio slatted covering.
I was able to get all the shots I needed this morning in just a few minutes and the sun came out right after.

This is the most used method for taking my photos. Sometimes, if I miss the morning shade, after the morning sun has gone past the roof, I will go out and to take photos on the patio table in the shade, that is usually after lunch time. Then there are no roof slat shadows (as shown in the image above).
Other times I will use the afternoon light on the other side of the house through a large window.
It all depends on the time of day I am ready to take photos.
With these full light spots, I rarely have to do any editing or brightening of my photos. They are no way professional, but I am happy enough with them!

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