Saturday, April 18, 2015

string art for the wall

I have a large wall that I've slowly been adding things to make a gallery wall. There is one empty spot that is kind of awkwardly shaped and I decided a #4 would be the best thing to fit in there. We have four members of my family. I decided after I got the four, I would do string art on it to add texture to the wall.
In sixth grade, as a class, we did a nice colorful string art for our parent's Christmas gifts. It was so fun, and I thought if me as a sixth grader can do it, then I can do it now as an adult, right?

My husband doesn't own a scroll saw so I thought I could buy a small hand held one to do this project. After thinking a bit more, I decided I didn't want to find the time to cut it out myself. Deciding I would buy the 4 cut and unpainted, I set out on my search of people who do that sort of thing on etsy and on Instagram. I fell in love with HomeShed on Instagram and loved the shapes that she has previously cut out. I felt that Jessica was more than capable and I contacted her through her etsy shop. Soon the number 4 came in the mail, sanded and ready to paint. There was even a sawtooth wall hanger included and I was super excited to get this project done and hung up. I knew if I put it off then the space on my wall would never get filled.

After painting the number four, I marked the spots for the nails to go and started hammering. This is the worst part by far. It took forever! I had it stationed on my table and would hammer in a few nails here and there while I waited for dinner to cook, or while I helped my child with homework.
My hammer missed the nail more than a few times, marking up my nice paint.

Finally, after a couple days of nailing, I sat down to my shows for the night and started stringing.
The stringing went fairly fast and was brainless. I just went around in all sorts of patterns. I may have gone overboard but I wanted the nails to be filled with string from top to bottom.

Things I learned from doing string art:
Sixth grade was a long time ago!
It is time consuming.
Those who do it and sell their art, don't charge enough.
I won't be doing it every day, and maybe not ever again...
Nailing is loud.
Nailing is not fun and sometimes you miss and make a mark on your painted board.
The finished project is worth it (but I still don't think I will be doing it again any time soon).
If someone gave me pre-nailed shapes I would string all night long (hint hint).
It adds a nice texture to your wall.
You should at least try it once.

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