Sunday, March 29, 2015

bunting cake toppers, new to edeenut

Earlier this year we had a Primary party for the children I am over at church who will be turning eight this year.
We call it "Great to be 8" and we talk about the opportunity they will soon have to be baptized.
We have fun activities and eat cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate their "Birthday".
I added a fun cake bunting to the top of the cupcakes in red, yellow, and blue to go along with the theme.

My little nephew is a St. Patricks Day baby, born on March 17th.
His mom made him this adorable green "UNO" shirt and a beautiful green cake.
She is one of my sisters who got the cake decorating talent. Lucky!
She wanted a matching green cake topper and so I sent her this with "ONE" printed on it.
This little guy loved the attention from his older brothers as they cheered him on!

These cake bunting toppers are available for purchase in the shop now. There is a few selections now with more to come shortly. 
They can be customized in any special saying or colors to go with a party theme.
The 12" dowels are included as well as two mini sized clips. 
These are so fun to use and bring a fun element to any event. I can't wait to add them to every single birthday we have from now on!

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