Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentines Day Heart to Hand gift set

After reading my last post, you may wonder if I really know what month it is? Ha!
I don't claim to post in order all the time!
I'm a bit scatter brained and sometimes you'll see that if you follow along.
If I have a thought come to my head that I want to post about it, I'll stop what I'm doing and head on over to my computer to write it up.
Like right now, you know what I was just doing? I was supposed to be getting all my little business expenses for the year all organized for my husband to do our taxes.
I've got to get back to that,
but really quick I want to share with you a fun collaboration I've been working on with Bellezamia Jewelry.
For Valentines Day, we have put together a gift box to keep for yourself or give to someone special!
It includes lots of goodies:

1) a gorgeous lined pleated pouch in red linen.
2) a 14 k gold filled amazing arrow necklace
3) white flower stud earrings 

4) tube of all natural peppermint and citrus bliss lip balm.
All items in this gift set retail for over $55 and can be yours, shipped, for only $28, arriving just in time for Valentines Day.

There is only a VERY limited quantity available. 

To purchase your own Heart to Hand gift set you can head over to Instagram@edeenut or to facebook www.edeenut.facebookcom to place your order. 

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