Monday, February 23, 2015

New year goal challenge prize

For over a year now, my family has been on this goal kick. We keep doing a challenge to keep each other accountable for our goals. Remember I mentioned it here back in 2014?

We offer prizes that you really want to win to help motivate you.
For the very first challenge, I offered a hand sewn pillow in the colors the winner got to choose. This was sewn and sent to my oldest sister who won the first round.

I'm a little intimidated to send things to this particular sister that I have sewn, She is the one who taught me the most about sewing. I learned so much from her when I was in younger. I would spend weeks with her learning how to sew garments that I could wear. The clothes I would sew with her help were nice and did not look handmade at all. I was proud to wear them because they looked professionally made.

I wanted to try a triangle pillow top for this pillow. I left some squares in tact as well.
The side has an invisible zipper and the front is quilted with a thin layer of warm and white cotton batting. Finished size is 16" x 16" with an 18 inch pillow form inside.

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