Saturday, February 14, 2015

heart shaped cupcakes

I've had lots of successful project completions from pinterest before. Haven't we all?
For Valentines Day this year, I thought I would make a quick dessert for my kids. I knew I had seen how to make heart shaped cupcakes somewhere so decided on those.
All I would need was a marble. Well, 18 marbles to be exact.
My son only had a few though.
Then I remembered aluminum foil. I saw from this talented lady how to use foil balls instead. They are safer and don't get hot in the oven and I had foil on hand.

Here the cupcakes are before going into the oven. See the little space there, where I stuffed the foil ball?
These are going to be perfect hearts!

And here we go with the after. All ready to eat.

Nailed it!
(pinterest fail)
Bigger foil balls must be a factor for successful heart shaped cupcakes I guess.


  1. Bigger foil balls should help. You probably saw on my post that I took a photo of mine next to a dime for size reference. I also used foil cupcake liners instead of paper, which are easier to mold, so try that next time. My last little trick was to use sprinkles and frosting to emphasize the heart shape. Good luck! :)

  2. I echo the comment about using foil liners instead of paper - my paper ones did not hold shape. I also think that you can salvage the shape-less ones with a frosting heart shape on top.