Saturday, February 28, 2015

handmade decorative envelopes

A while back I had the opportunity to add some mini red envelopes to add to a mini bunting order I was completing. I have helping many brides with buntings in their colors for their wedding.
These particular ones were for a 4th of July wedding.

Making the red envelopes made me realize that there are so many possibilities for decorative envelopes.

They can be made in any size and used for happy greetings, thank you's, Birthday invites, and good old fashioned snail mail letters!

I have enjoyed following Party Happier on Instagram and etsy and love her decorative envelopes.
She has a selection for you no matter what your event.
These are a couple of my favorite sets that she offers:
Gold Glitter Lined Envelopes

Handmade kraft envelopes with matching note cards

And these tiny ones would be so fun for kids! Send them a little note to school in their lunch box.

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