Wednesday, February 25, 2015

around the town: M&L fabrics

One reason I started doing my Around the Town series is for you to get a good look at the places I've gone.
Then you will know what to expect if you've never been and want to head there yourself.
I really dislike going to places for the first time. I like to know what to expect and what a store is like or see pictures of it first.
I hope that it benefits you and you are enticed to visit for yourself.

The week after Valentine's Day I headed to Anaheim to check out the fabric store M&L Fabrics.
I have heard of it before but never been. I wanted to see if they had a particular fabric I was having a hard time finding online and I needed to feel it in person.

I may not have found the fabric I needed, but I did find a bunch of other fabrics I "needed".
I only brought home a few cuts but I did take notes and many pictures for reference so I can head back there soon to get more!
This is what I came home with.
I'm in love with the Michael Miller's gold Brambleberry Ridge. The two on the right are my favorites.

M&L is inside a huge warehouse. There were rows and rows and I went through them all.
I didn't want to miss anything.

The first section I browsed was the flat fold fabric. This was all marked down considerably. 
I got a few fun prints here from Robert Kauffman. Tufted tweets and metro living to name a few. They were stacked very neatly and I had to move a lot to get to the bottom flat folds I wanted.

There was a back room full of knits. All sorts of knits. I didn't get any of them but will for sure stock up another time.
Leggins, headbands, T-shirts, pj's... Oh I love Knit fabric!

The main building was full of shelves filled of bolts of quilters cottons.
Burlap, canvas, and fleece was among the selection as well.
I didn't go to the notions and trim section because I don't use those very much when sewing.

 Rows of Kona and Kaufman solids.

 Riley Blake and Kaufman chevrons and polka dots. Two entire rows!

Remix selections by Ann Kelle is one of my favorites.

The drive to get to this store was an hour for me. I noticed my watch when I was done shopping and it said I had been there for two hours. Then I drove home in pretty decent traffic.
It was a productive trip and I'm happy with the knowledge I have of this place now. I'm going to enjoy it for many years to come!

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  1. Wow!! Holy smokes - I would be in HEAVEN and overwhelmed at the same time. Sure wish this was anywhere near me. :)