Saturday, January 17, 2015

decorating with red & pink for Valentine's Day. plus, win a banner of your own

February is such a busy month at my house. It's shorter and so it seems to just fly by.
We have my Birthday, the very next day is my husband's Birthday, and then a few days later, V-day sneaks up. My husband is also smack dab in the middle of busy season at work so we don't see him a a lot.
We have never really gone out to do anything special for V-day, but I do like to do fun things around the house to make the month exciting for my kids.

We have fun little mail boxes, from the dollar spot at Target, that we sit out. We add little notes to each other every day. Even after doing this for six years, this tradition is still going strong.

Last year we did a little mystery restaurant for dinner and my kids are pushing to do that again.

I also add a festive pink and red fabric banner to the fireplace mantle. It's not overpowering the front room either by yelling "Valentine's Day!"

I made a lot of these banners for my recent deal on Jane. There are also a few listed in my shop to add to your own house this February.
You can also win one one of these banners on my Instagram page @edeenut head over there to see how!

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