Thursday, December 11, 2014

a touch of Christmas

Decorating my house for Christmas transforms it into a comfortable place to reflect on the meaning of the season. I love the lights and the greenery and the relaxing feel as I sit on the couch to take it all in. I love the celebration of Christ's birth and the love that he brings into the world.

Our piano has a lighted garland with a set of soft, stuffed trees I made about 15 years ago! My sister and I had a craft night one December, in college, and this was our project.

Around the corner from the piano, is a print I got from Graceforgrace shop on etsy. I love how the lights from the Christmas tree reflect in the glass of the frame.

This JOY fabric sign I made a while ago, is snug in the red frame. It is hung from a wreath hanger over the closet door in the entry.

 This quilt comes out once a year and adds lots of festive reds and greens to the back of the chair.

Decorating the Christmas tree is one my families favorite traditions. We each get a new ornament every December to add to the tree. This is something my kids look forward to every year. When they get married and have a tree of their own, they will have a collection of ornaments to take with them. I have memories associated with all my ornaments from growing up.
This Charlie Brown ornament has seen better days, but it is a favorite of mine, and helps me remember decorating the tree with my brothers and sisters.

There are ornaments I made when I was younger. In 1986 I was 6 years old!

There are ornaments my son made when he was 6 too.

Also, ornaments from Baby's first Christmas! This is one of my favorites. After we adopted my youngest in November, I wanted to get something special to remember his first Christmas.

I have the entire set of the Willow tree nativity scene, but this year I opted to just put out the simple holy family and a few animals. This picture me happy, such a peaceful birth scene with a special baby and his parents.

The twine wrapped trees I made years ago, come out every year now. I began adding some lights to the inside for sparkle. I love the way they look at night when our overhead lights are off. Even during the daytime, the lights add a twinkle to the trees and make them stand out on our fireplace mantle.

Our stockings are my still one of my favorite things to hang up! I made them about 7 years ago and I am not sick of them yet, so It's pretty safe to say they are not going anywhere. The first stockings I made for our family are not being used anymore because we needed four and I wasn't really happy with the way I followed the sewing pattern for them. But these are perfect and I love everything about them, the shape, the color, the shiny cuff, everything!
I am working on name tags to hang from them so we can get rid of the make shift tags, colorful foam shapes, we've been using...


The red cuff is a nice shiny fabric and sometimes it shines red and sometimes it shows as green. It's very hard to capture with a camera.

And finally, we have our wreath that hangs outside our door. It helps to cover up the ugliness and paint pealing on our door. I got the wreath with pine cones on it plain green a few years ago and then I added the metal stars and bells, the red berries and white berries and bow.



  1. Everything is so pretty. :) I always dream of being an expert Christmas decorator. This year is turning out better than many. It takes a lot of energy, though, you know!? Which is a fleeting commodity with my Lupus and all. And I think getting things better organized for storage after this year (which is the first year of all-out decorating after our cross-country move two summers ago) will help greatly for future attacks. But I find touches like yours inspirational. I really like the twine trees with the lights inside them, and I think I'll ask my oldest daughter to work up a fusible JOY montage that we can put in that bare spot by the TV corner that keeps telling me it needs something tasteful and non-commercial to give it a classy spark. :)