Friday, November 21, 2014

mini bunting inspiration

I have seen so many ideas and parties that customers have used my mini buntings for and I’m impressed with their creativity.  All the ideas they’ve shared with me have far surpassed the potential I ever had for these little things when I first started offering them.
I want to show you a few ideas that they have been used for recently and hope that this will spark your imagination with your own little roll.

I appreciate everyone who purchases from my shop. When I send off an item to it’s new home, I want it to be received with joy and excitement, almost like it’s a gift. Packaging is the first thing seen when the item arrives and I hope that the initial feeling is a happy one. I like to send a little thank you note along each time too. Over time, the note has varied from different papers and cards. The most recent cards I've been using are from Tiny Prints I chose the little "fetching flags" design because that is what my shop is about and the colors are aqua and peach/orange. 
I wanted to incorporate my own touch to the cards so I glued some mini bunting on the front to add dimension. 

Joann, from Floor 24 designs, used some of the black and white mini bunting for her son's, French themed, Birthday party. There are not a lot of French theme ideas for boys but she was creative and came up with a party that was sophisticated and classy without the "ooh-la-la" pink.You need to go check out her entire post about the party, the food and decorations are to die for!
The black and white mini buntings were a nice touch to the cake stands.

When it comes to School teachers and gifts, I try to not procrastinate. Most the teachers we’ve had over the years have requested no treats. My son’s kindergarten teacher, one year, requested that the kids just draw her a picture. I loved that idea! Although, I like to give them something that will be useful and let them know how much they are appreciated.
For Christmas this year, we are going with a sleek, black, personalized mug. It has a feminine chalkboard design on the front. Inside, we added some pencils and white board markers. Teachers go through these markers like crazy.


To fancy up the wrapping, I added a torn fabric strip tied in a bow. 
A helium balloon floats above, with a sting of mini bunting keeping it attached to the mug. 

Imagine using the mini buntings for a big bouquet of balloons. 
Lots of colorful strings dangling down at a party would be beautiful.

Keep sending me your ideas, I love seeing them! I will continue featuring your ideas here.

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