Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bathroom Wash canvas sign

Recently, the relief society, our group of ladies 18+ at church did a Super Saturday craft day.
This is normally once a year with 5-6 crafts offered.
You come spend the day visiting, eat lunch, and make your crafts.
I was in charge of helping people sew up a ribbon and bow holder for little girls.
Another project was making handmade chapstick with with essential oils. 
One craft I didn't get completed that day was a canvas wall hanging for the bathroom.

It's pretty easy,  but it still took me a couple weeks to find the time to finish it on my own.
The idea is to finish your things that day because who needs another unfinished project laying around their house?

I choose the colors for this canvas with my shower curtain in mind.
First, I painted a strip of the blue paint on my canvas.
Then I added a couple drops of white to the blue and mixed it in very well to paint the next strip.
Continuing on in this manner I ended with a very light blue strip.

The words were cut out with a Cricket from decorative scrapbook paper.
After the canvas was dry, I mod podged the words on top and hung it up.

I'm pretty sure my boys will not see these reminding words "flush, wash, brush, floss" and become experts over night, but one can dream right? If nothing else, at least they will get to see a colorful piece of art in the bathroom while they stare and make faces in the mirror at themselves.

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  1. Nice coordination with the shower curtain without getting washed out. :) Love the ombre background painting.