Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer lemonade Slush

I don't mean for this to be a food blog.
There is no way I could ever take the professional looking food images that food bloggers use.
I do love food though, and this was a yummy frozen treat we made for the hot summer days we've been having.
It was a success and so I snapped some photos to share here on my "every day creative blog"!

My neighbor brought me over a huge shopping bag full of lemons.
Her husband has an office right by the truck weigh station.
When the trucks are too heavy they have to get rid of weight or pay and
most of the fresh produce trucks going by will get rid of produce to lighten the load.
This time it was a lemon truck and we got to enjoy them.

We made lemonade a few times and with the rest,
I juiced them to freeze in ice cube trays.
When they were frozen I dumped them in four quart-size freezer bags.
Now any time I need lemon juice I am set!

My husband found this homemade lemonade recipe on, Best Lemonade Ever.

(update: The recipe and my alterations can be found here: on this post)

We poured the lemonade in our frozen 2 qt. ice cream maker,
and let it freeze for about 20 minutes to get a nice slush.
This would work well with any juice or liquid I'm sure, and you could have all flavors of slush.

Here is the first minute after pouring the liquid in the freezer.

After 10 minutes.

And after 20 minutes.
I left it in a few more minutes and then scooped it out in our cups to drink.
What kinds of frozen treats have you made?

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