Monday, April 7, 2014

around the town, Daiso

Some of you who have been reading my blog may know I live in Southern California.
I tend to stay in my little neck of the woods most of the time because everywhere you drive around here easily takes over 30 minutes (on a good day and an hour on a bad day).
When I do venture out further, there is all sorts of fun things to explore.
Recently my little boy started to play hockey and he needed new equipment and so we headed to Irvine to grab all that he needed at Monkey Sports.

Just down the street is a store I have heard of a few times and really wanted to check it out in person for myself.
It's a Japanese dollar store called Daiso where everything is practically $1.50.

With my purchase, I picked up a few extra cute things to offer my readers.
Come back here tomorrow to see what I got and to enter the giveaway for some of your own little fun things!
I'll be giving away two packages, one here on the blog and one on Instagram.
You can enter both, just be sure to follow me on Instagram @edeenut for you chance!

I discovered inside is full of pink. I had my two boys with me and they still thought it was such a novelty.
I went down every aisle so I could really see what was there.
I think I filled my whole cart up in the stationary and kitchen sections.
Lots of these things will be used to package up my products when shipping out orders from my shop.

Here are some of the cute things that you can find on the shelves if you plan to make a visit to the stationary section.
Colored gift bags and storage boxes.
I could have picked them all up, maybe next time...

Washi tape and fabric tape. 
They had a ton, and this little sampling I have below it just a tiny section of what was there. 
There was a lot of pinks and blues and I really wanted to find some oranges but there was none to be seen.

My kids got a kick out of these little shaped erasers! Who wouldn't?
There were all sorts of themes, it was hard to not get one of each.

The kitchen section for bento box lunches was a fun stop too.
These toothpicks are so cute and small, they are a little thick at the top and narrow down so a sharp point.
I have plans for the bamboo ones I got very soon.

Tiny sauce bottles for portable lunches.
I can see these filled with salad dressing or ketchup.

 Little silicone cups in all shapes and sizes.
We got star shapes because they are not so girly.

Mini picks and forks and spoons are just too cute.
The picks are perfect for sticking in cheese cubes and cut up watermelon and other fruits.

This is one size of bento boxes they had.
There were others that were larger more square but not a huge selection.

And because I thought these patterned zippers were pretty unique, I took a picture.
I didn't pick any up for myself because I had to stop somewhere.

Come back tomorrow to see the loot that came home with me. 
I will also have the giveaway details ready for you to enter.
I would love to hear what you think if you've been shopping at Daiso!

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