Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun Dinner

For Valentines Day I like to do something fun for my boys. This year I was slacking and had a lot going on and didn't plan ahead. I got a couple fun little treats at the store for my husband but for my two boys I wanted them to enjoy the day and not have it be a like any other.
There was no school that day and so while they played all day long I was able to quickly plan a meal idea my friend shared with me.

We did dinner restaurant style. I made a normal dinner like usual but made up a menu with silly names for each item of food that they would be eating and they wouldn't know what they would really be ordering.
They got a pencil with their menu to write down a number for each item in the order they would like it served.  The catch was they had to eat the first item served before the second item was served. So they thought it was quite funny that they both ordered the dessert (donuts) before the actual main course (shredded chicken burritos).

My two boys got a kick out of these names and the whole dinner idea. They ate dinner and finished before my husband got home and so they wanted to help do it for him when he ate. They got busy and made a sign for the restaurant and decided who would be the host and who would be the server.
They loved it and asked to do it for every meal! I love how even just a quick idea thrown together is such a fun memory for kids. I'm glad it was so successful for them and I know they will love it when I do it again.

This was my yellow post it cheat sheet in the kitchen as I prepared their meals for them.

I also had a nice little centerpiece for them to enjoy as an extra dessert. Brownies cut into heart shapes with my new double sided cake bunting attached to bamboo skewers.

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  1. This is such a creative idea! The kids in my family would have such a fun time doing this, I will pass your idea along to my sis!