Friday, February 7, 2014

my 35th Birthday Celebration

This Sunday is my Birthday, and of course the day after is my husband's, yay us! So this weekend, because I am turning 35, I thought I would offer all of you a gift, from me, because I appreciate all of you. I am so thankful for everyone who stops by blog here and  my little etsy shop and supports small handmade businesses. Really, I can't thank you enough!

Every purchase in the shop, throughout the weekend, until Sunday night, will get 35% off their order. Use coupon code:  BDAY35 during checkout* and you'll be taken care of. I have never offered a discount that high before, but I am going to be 35!

*discount not good on advent calendars...

PLUS, I'll throw in a little special gift for you when I pack it up to ship, a set of 4 hand sewn gift tags/cards. Colors will vary but they will all be a fun mix of fabrics!

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